Free Khaled Al-Qazzaz


"I remember Khaled as a friendly, gentle person, fully dedicated to bettering his community. He was always ready to put his full energy to our projects, even though it was for him a volunteer, extra-curricular activity.  He genuinely wanted to help people, and I believe that was also part of his decision to return to Egypt - to help his fellow Egyptians." Katherine Bullock, Lecturer, Department of Political Science, University of Toronto at Mississauga 

"I have an enduring memory of Khaled and Sarah's announcement at their wedding that they will dedicate all of their monetary gifts to charity. This alone speaks volumes of their care and compassion for the most vulnerable in society." Farhad Khadim, President, Director of Education, Islamic Institute of Toronto

"Khaled was a true joy to work with and be around. So many memories I could list and character traits but the common amongst them all was his sincerity, generosity and commitment to helping anyone in need here in Canada while he was studying in Toronto." Ahmed Mian, Department of Emergency Medicine, Humber River Hospital and University Health Network

"It is unthinkable that a dedicated and talented individual like Khaled Al-Qazzaz has been arrested and detained on no charges by the army leaders in Egypt, and that the international community has done very little for him and other political prisoners." — Faraz Siddiqui, UofT Alumni

"I have gone to Khaled's Facebook page many times since he has been detained to read his last status posted: “Anybody who learned with me at any point in my journey. Please continue on the legacy that we left together.”  If I could tell him one thing, it would be that so many of us have been touched by his presence in our life and by his leadership, and are continuing just that."  Aaida Aziz, UofT Alumni

"One of our friends had surgery done at hospital and Khaled and Sarah both came to see her and take her home after she was discharged from the hospital. They took time out to drop the sister to her home and made sure she was doing well." Samar Javid, UofT Alumni

"Khaled is most importantly a dear friend, and a person many could turn to for sincere advice." Shuaib Ally, UofT Alumni

"Khaled to me was a source of energy and a beacon guiding me continuously to working for the betterment of people...all people...with no discrimination. I recall he had an elderly neighbour in his building in Islington whom he continuously shopped for and extended other needed help at home. Once there was a fire in Khaled's building, and I recall he risked his life helping his old neighbour and mothers with children evacuate." — Mohamad Alameddine, UofT Alumni

"While we were at school together, Khaled began a monthly educational program where he taught us that community development means service to one’s family, one’s neighbors and one’s country. Khaled is the one who taught me that I should gift my neighbors here in Canada, something that I’ve continued to practice to this day." — Asma Ali, UofT Alumni