Free Khaled Al-Qazzaz

939 Days - Canadian Sarah Attia Joins Human Rights Organizations and Activists to Call On The Canadian Government to do more for Families of Prisoners Detained Abroad, Including her own

Ahmad Attia

Canadian citizen Sarah Attia spent over a year and a half fighting for her husband’s freedom. She has spent the last twelve  months, however, fighting for her entire family’s freedom. Sarah, her husband Khaled Al-Qazzaz and their four Canadian children feel stranded in Egypt and cannot return until a travel ban placed on Khaled is removed.


Khaled has very strong ties to Canada. He first came to Canada in 2000 and completed his Masters of Applied Sciences degree at the University of Toronto. He was a community mobilizer who passionately worked for social causes.  He met and married Canadian born Sarah Attia. Khaled had nearly completed his citizenship requirements prior to moving to Egypt where he and Sarah worked on an educational project.The footprint he left behind in Canada resulted in thousands of Canadians advocating for his release and return home to Canada.


Sarah is a signatory to the "Protection Charter" released this week by Amnesty International and the Fahmy Foundation, which includes a list of principles meant to guide the Canadian government on how best to strengthen and improve its protections of Canadian citizens, permanent residents and those with close Canadian connections. The #KQFamily ordeal is a perfect example to illustrate Canada’s responsibility towards its citizens and permanent residents with strong ties to Canada.


Over a thousand emails have been sent to members of parliament since December 2015 encouraging the Canadian government to intervene at the highest levels of Egyptian government for the safe return of the young Canadian family back home to Canada.


Media Interviews

Ahmad Attia
Sarah’s brother, may be reached at 647-292-5049 or

Monia Mazigh
National coordinator
International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group
(613) 241-5298

Nadia Abu-Zahra
Associate Professor
School of International Development and Global Studies
University of Ottawa
Friend of Sarah and Khaled
1­613­562­5800 ext. 6787

Dr. Mohamed Fadel
Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law
University of Toronto

Erna Paris
Author, Historian, Journalist
Sarah Attia’s friend and supporter

Prof. Dr. Greg Evans
Dept. of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry
University of Toronto
Sarah Attia Undergraduate and Master’s Supervisor

Furher contact info for the above individuals can be provided by Ahmad Attia at 647-292-5049 or