Free Khaled Al-Qazzaz

Khaled greets his wife Sarah and their kids at the the airport in Cairo.

Khaled greets his wife Sarah and their kids at the the airport in Cairo.

Khaled Al-Qazzaz was born on July 3, 1979 in Cairo. He grew up in the United Arab Emirates and returned to Egypt to do a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering at the American University in Cairo (AUC). Khaled excelled academically and was also an active participant in several student clubs and societies at AUC, including the Mechanical Engineering Society, where he served as President, the Volleyball and Rowing teams, where he was captain, and the Poetry Society. 

In 2000, Khaled moved to Toronto, Canada to do a Masters in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Toronto (UofT).  It was here that he met his future wife, Canadian-born Sarah Attia, and during their time at University, they worked together on several campus and community based projects. They got married in 2005, and now have four wonderful children: Abdelrahman, 9, Amena, 7, Fatema, 6, and Tahrir, 3. Tahrir was named after the square which came to symbolize the January 25th 2011 Egyptian Revolution which toppled the dictator Hosni Mobarak.

Soon after they were married, Khaled and Sarah moved to Egypt and Khaled began extensive work in the field of education, as the founder and director of an International School that runs kindergarten through Grade 12. His work in education lead to his involvement as a volunteer member of AdvancED, an international accreditation agency, and to pursue a doctorate degree in Education. 

One of the country's best and brightest, Khaled could have sought an easy life. Instead, in early 2011, he chose to walk alongside the masses of Egyptians, and especially Egyptian youth like himself, in revolution against the longstanding anti-democratic regime of Hosni Mubarak. Recognized for his intelligence and initiative, Khaled was asked to become the foreign relations coordinator for the newly-formed Freedom and Justice Party in 2011, the first democratically elected party in the country. In 2012, he began his position as the Secretary to the President for Foreign Relations, where his focus was on foreign relations, human rights and women's rights.

Currently, Khaled is completing his doctorate degree in education from Walden University, USA.