Free Khaled Al-Qazzaz

Appeal to Minister of Youth and Prime Minister Trudeau to secure the freedom of the Canadian Al-Qazzaz family forcibly held in Egypt

Ottawa, March 24th  2016,

Dear Prime Minister,

The Canadian Al-Qazzaz family has been subjected to numerous injustices by the Egyptian government. The Egyptian authorities have barred Khaled al-Qazzaz, from leaving Egypt without any legal basis for the last ten months, during which time limitations have also been imposed on the ability of his wife and children to leave the country. Understandably they do not want to leave now unless and until he is free to travel with them. As such, the entire family is effectively confined to Egypt at this time, unable to travel freely, unable to return home to Canada and facing ongoing insecurity in Egypt. This family needs the Canadian government to intervene and secure their safe return home with their father, Khaled Al-Qazzaz.

We appeal to you in your capacity as Minister of Youth. This case involves four innocent Canadian children aged 3, 5, 7 and 9 whose safety is at risk. These children need to heal from the trauma they have endured when their father, Khaled Al-Qazzaz, was taken away from them and held for 558 days solitary confinement. As a result of the brutal conditions of his confinement, Khaled sustained multiple medical complications that require prompt attention. His family has arranged admission for him at the Hamilton General Hospital. Their mother, Sarah Attia, has striven for her family’s freedom for over two years through every means she could think of, and she is now appealing for your help.

Over a thousand emails have been sent during the month of December to 140 Members of Parliament by Sarah and Khaled’s supporters. This case has the full support of every party in Parliament and many members of the Senate.

The Al-Qazzaz family is loved by thousands of Canadians who have actively advocated for them to return home to Canada during the last two years through rallies, post cards, petitions, letters, emails and phone calls. Canadians are waiting for you to bring a resolution to this problem.

Prime Minister, on behalf of the thousands of Canadians across the country whose hearts have been touched by the family, we implore you to do everything in your power to help end this ordeal and bring this family home.


Amnesty International

Canadian Journalists for Free Expression

Canadian Muslim Lawyers Association

Code Pink

Homes Not Bombs

The Group of 78

The International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group

The Rideau Institute

Toronto Action for Social Change