Free Khaled Al-Qazzaz



July 17, 2015

Dear Prime Minister Harper,

We, the undersigned, are concerned Canadian educators and education professionals from across Canada. We represent a national voice and we call upon you to use the full power of your office to orchestrate a safe and speedy return for Sarah Attia, her husband Khaled Al-Qazzaz, a Canadian permanent resident, and their four Canadian children. We are concerned for the well-being of the family and are urging for their return to Canada in time for the start of the 2015 school year. 

The Al-Qazzaz children travelled to Egypt with their mother, Sarah Attia, in March 2015 to reunite with Khaled after his release from a lengthy illegal imprisonment by the Egyptian government. This trip was meant to take no longer than two weeks so the family could accompany Khaled home to Canada, seek the urgent medical attention he needs to repair damage to his spine as a result of solitary confinement, and settle back into their lives in Canada.

This two-week trip has now become a four-month long internment where Khaled has been denied exit by officials at the Egyptian airport on two occasions and the family’s savings for Khaled’s medical treatment confiscated by airport officials. Legal authorities in Egypt have confirmed that Khaled is cleared of all accusations, is not under any investigation, and is not banned from travel.

Sarah Attia and Khaled Al-Qazzaz are educators and avid proponents of education as a tool for understanding between peoples of all nations. The Al-Qazzaz children have spent far too long waiting in fear and uncertainty. Their continued absence from the school communities with which they are familiar will have negative effects on their social and emotional development. They, along with their parents, are eager to return home to Canada and begin the school year with their friends and teachers.

As educators, we are calling upon you, in your capacity of Prime Minister of our nation, to:

  • Facilitate the safe and immediate return of this Canadian family before the September 2015 school year
  • If required, offer Khaled Al-Qazzaz, now a permanent resident, Canadian citizenship on humanitarian grounds to facilitate his return as allowed by the discretionary compassionate provision in the Citizenship Act
  • Ensure safe and speedy passage from Egypt to Canada in time for the 2015 school year


Canadian Educators and Education Professionals

John Greyson - Professor/Filmmaker (Toronto, ON) 

Tracy Coates - Professor (Ottawa, ON) 

Mohamed Lachemi - Professor  (Toronto, ON)

Edward Schatz - Professor (Toronto, ON)

Mohammad Hashim - Union Representative (Toronto, ON)

Hanan Zohdy - Teacher (Quebec, QC)

Fareha Shafique - Professor (Toronto, ON)

Fizza Mir - Teacher (Mississauga, ON)

Najamuddin Mohammed - IT Professional at a college (Brampton, ON)

Ahmed Medra - Post Doctoral Fellow (Markham, ON)

Fatima Butt - Teacher (Toronto, ON)

Sarah Hussain - Teacher (Oakville, ON)

Asifa Sheikh - Social Services (Toronto, ON)

Hebatallah Shabaka - Teacher (Windsor, ON)

Mona Azzam - Professor (Mississauga, ON)

Uzma Rehman - Teacher (Milton, ON)

Yvonne Bieman - Teacher (Alvinston, ON)

Laila Maarouf - Retired Principal (Toronto, ON)

Ahmed El-Rabbany - Professor (Toronto, ON)

Sarah Hussain - Teacher (Oakville, ON)

Huma Choudhary - Teacher (Ajax, ON)

Souhila Selmi - Teacher (Brampton, ON)

Fatana Nazier - Teacher (Mississauga, ON)

Naglaa Elkasbany - Teacher (Mississauga, ON)

Fouzia Sultana - Teacher (Toronto, ON)

Deenah SallamEarly Childhood Educator (London, ON)

Mariam Hussein - Teacher (Teacher, ON)

Nadia Abu-Zahra - Assistant Professor  (Ottawa, ON)

Lamia Elbedewy - Teacher  (Mississauga, ON)

Dina El Telt - Teacher  (Mississauga, ON)

Deena Abul Fottouh - Teaching Assistant (Oakville, ON)

Ikram Maarouf - Teacher (Toronto, ON)

Hala Abogoddah - Principal (Mississauga, ON) 

Andrea Taulien - Teacher (Edmonton, AB) 

Mohammad Fadel - Professor (Toronto, ON) 

Gihan Sabry - PEO Instructor (Oakville, ON) 

Amer Shalaby - Professor (Mississauga, ON) 

Amira Maarouf - Teacher (Ottawa, ON) 

Gihan Garana - Teacher (Mississauga, ON) 

Donald Higgins - Retired Professional Accountant and CFO of the TDSB (Toronto, ON) 

Alison Higgins - Teacher (Toronto, ON) 

Nora Hindy - Teacher (Mississauga, ON) 

Ali Asif - Administration (Mississauga, ON) 

Maryam Attia - Teacher/Administration (Mississauga, ON) 

Sara Saker - Teacher (Mississauga, ON)  

Abdullatif Bakbak - Principal (Mississauga, ON) 

Jane El-Shater - Administration (Mississauga, ON) 

Maira Ali - Special Needs Teaching Assistant (Mississauga, ON) 

Halah El-Shater - Administration (Mississauga, ON) 

Ahmed Najar - Teacher (Toronto, ON) 

Heba Attia - Teacher (Mississauga, ON) 

Sarrah Lawendy - Educator (London, ON)  

Asma Teebi - Teacher (Mississauga, ON)  

Aseel Zayd - Teacher (Mississauga, ON) 

Amna Ali - Teacher (Mississauga, ON) 

Rania Lawendy - Principal (Waterloo, ON) 

Huma Qureshi - Teacher (Mississauga, ON) 

Lamia Ben Jemaa - Professor (Mississauga, ON) 

Hanadie Nur - Doctor (Toronto, ON) 

Shireen Ahmed - Writer (Toronto, ON) 

Zenab Khan - Teacher (Toronto, ON) 

Sarah Nensey - Guidance Counsellor (Mississauga, ON) 

Michelle Carlson - Preschool Supervisor (Mississauga, ON) 

Aisha Daanish - Educational Assistant (Mississauga, ON) 

Rana Al-Sabawi - Teacher (Mississauga, ON) 

Aaida Mamuji - Assistant Professor (Toronto, ON) 

Juman Omar - Admin Assistant (Mississauga, ON) 

Inas Kadri - Teacher (Mississauga, ON) 

Other Professionals and Concerned Individuals:

Aliaa Moussa - Guide (Mississauga, ON)

Filsan Ahmed - Self-Employed (Mississauga, ON)

Shabana Anjum - Office Manager (Markham, ON) 

Ali Khalid - Banker (Mississauga, ON) 

Umair Syed - Student (Mississauga, ON) 

Muzna Azam - Auditor (Toronto, ON) 

Maria Aslam - Pharmacist (Mississauga, ON) 

Saleha Patel - Business Marketing (Toronto, ON) 

Abdul Raheem - Business Analyst (Mississauga, ON) 

Shereen Elgamal - Lecturer (Cary, NC)

Aisha Durrani - Home Maker (Mississauga, ON) 

Reem Sultan - Pharmacist (London, ON) 

Amany Osman - MD (Toronto, ON)

Safaa Elnemr - Electrical and Communication Engineer (Vancouver, BC) 

Bahaar Luhar - Banker (Orangeville, ON) 

Abeer Zuberi - Home Maker (Mississauga, ON) 

Dima Sayem - Home Maker (Mississauga, ON) 

Sara Rahman - Program Analyst (Scarborough, ON) 

Shadia Yousuf - Instructional Designer (Toronto, ON) 

Usman Arif - Finance Manager (Mississauga, ON) 

Salman Khan - Business Analyst (Toronto, ON) 

Hajer Nakua -  Student (Mississauga, ON)

Zahida Haleem - IT Lead (Mississauga, ON)

Arwa Hassan - Student (Toronto, ON)

Samiha Reza - Student (Mississauga, ON)

Manal Wazeer  (Mississauga, ON)

Hassan Muhammad - Chartered Accountant (Oakville, ON)

Azim Ahmed -  Communications Coordinator (Toronto, ON)

Saada Abdalla-  Rehab Facilitator - Brain Injury Services (Hamilton, ON)

Rumaisa Khan -  Student (Toronto, ON)

Shafaq Ahmad - Lawyer (Toronto, ON)

Cherine Saleh - English Instructor (Cairo, Egypt)