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Background on Letter from Health Professionals

Khaled Al-Qazzaz was one of the first persons to be detained after the Egyptian military coup on July 3, 2013.  He has been in solitary confinement and has now reached over 400 days of detainment without charge. Click here for a briefing on his situation. Recently,  Amnesty International released an urgent call for action demanding Khaled’s release on medical grounds.  In this regard, an open letter to the Egyptian Prosecutor General has been prepared regarding Khaled's deteriorating health.  We are seeking endorsements from international health professionals for Khaled's case.  If you are a medical practitioner, please endorse our letter by signing below.  Please click below to see the following:

Khaled’s MRI
Khaled’s Radiology Report
Khaled’s MRI and Physician Assessments

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Thank you for taking a stand for justice!


August 23, 2014

To the Prosecutor General,

We, the undersigned, are concerned health professionals, surgeons, and health organizations from around the world. We represent a global voice and we call upon you to use the full power of your office to demand the immediate release of Khaled Adli Moustafa Al-Qazzaz, who has been detained in Egypt for over 400 days without charge. Although his release from arbitrary detention is the priority, his rapidly deteriorating health is the focus of this open letter.

An MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) from June 15, 2014 and eight independent doctors’ reports have found that Mr. Al-Qazzaz’s solitary confinement without treatment is exacerbating pressure on nerves in his left arm, which has compromised motor and sensory function of his upper extremity. Left untreated, Mr. Al-Qazzaz is at risk of experiencing significant loss of function of the arms and/or legs, permanent paralysis of his upper and lower extremities, as well as permanent loss of voluntary control of his bladder and bowels. Furthermore, there is a risk of loss of function of his respiratory muscles or phrenic nerve, which controls breathing, resulting in death.  

Mr. Al-Qazzaz has reported rapidly progressing and significant neurologic symptoms including hyperesthetic pain in a radicular pattern of the upper and lower extremity, numbness (parasthesias), weakness, and compromised sensory and motor function. The report clearly describes worrisome features of injury from compressed nerves (radiculopathy), exacerbated by inadequate sleeping conditions. Neuropathic pain from such cases can be extremely severe.

Mr. Al-Qazzaz’s imaging report corroborates multiple areas of concern in his cervical and lumbar spine. Specifically, his imaging is reported to show disc herniation and narrowing of the bony canal (stenosis) of the cervical spine. Disc herniation and spinal stenosis are noted at several contiguous levels also at the lumbar spine with sensory and motor changes bilaterally in the lower extremity, as noted by the patient’s symptomology transmitted in written accord. 

Health is a right under international law. Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) establishes the right to security and medical care in the event of sickness or disability, as do the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (1966) and the United Nations Principles of Medical Ethics Relevant to the Protection of Prisoners (1982). 

State and regional courts around the world have upheld these principles respecting human dignity, health, wellbeing, and at the very least, medical assistance to alleviate suffering (Kudła v. Poland judgment of 26 October 2000, § 94, upholding Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights).
In clear terms: we state Mr. Al-Qazzaz is at risk of suffering irreversible damage to his spine, spinal cord and peripheral nerves. Without treatment he is in danger of permanent paralysis. We therefore request that according to international law, Mr. Al-Qazzaz be accorded “the highest attainable standard” of care. Such a standard of care in this instance should include, at minimum:

1.    Transfer to a facility or to a physician with advanced imaging capabilities and surgical expertise
2.    Immediate administration of analgesics if no allergy or medical contra-indication exists
3.    Repeated physical exam with objective documentation of weakness as well as bowel and bladder function
4.    Regular assessment of neurologic-vital signs
5.    Consideration for surgical decompression of the cord in the cervical spine or the cauda in the lumbar spine as indicated by physical exam

We are calling upon you, in your capacity as holding the current office of the Prosecutor General in Egypt, to take prompt and meaningful action. You have released a number of prisoners based on medical grounds and we strongly urge you to consider the same for Khaled Al-Qazzaz. At this point, release on medical grounds is a critical and necessary action.


Dr. Aliya Khan - MD, FRCPC (Oakville, Canada)

Paul Ritvo- Clinical Psychologist (Toronto, Canada)

Ed Zien- Registered Nurse (Canada)

Dr. Fareed Denath- MB Ch.B FFrad(D)SA, FRCPC (Windsor, Canada)

Dr. Ayesha Hussain, MD, CCFP (Toronto, Canada)

Dr. Mohammed Loubani- Emergency Medicine (London, Canada)

Dr. Nabil Sultan- MD, FRCPC (London, Canada)

Dr. Hany Soliman- MD, FRCPC (Toronto, Canada)

Dr. Ahmed Rahman- MD, FRCPC, Cardiac Anesthesiologist (Arlington, USA)

lyla Ibrahim- MA, RD (Oakville, Canada)

Dr. Tarek Loubani- MD, Emergency Medicine (London, Canada)

Dr. Fady Saleh- MD, FRCPC (Toronto, Canada)

Dr. Samer Sbayi- MD, FACS (Lincoln, USA)

Dr. Ikramuddin Syed- MD, FRCPC (Toronto, Canada)

Dr. Bashar Alolabi- MD, MSc, FRCSC, Orthopedic Surgery (Hamilton, Canada)

Reem Sultan- Registered Pharmacist (London, Canada)

Dr. Ahmed Taher- MD, Emergency Medicine (Toronto, Canada)

Dr. Sumairah Syed- MD, CCFP (Markham, Canada)

Dr. Sana Rahman- MD (Scarborough, Canada)

Dr. Sohail Makhdoom- MD, Psychiatry (London, Canada)

Dr. Omer Chaudhary- MD, CCFP (London, Canada)

Dr. Heba Al Tarhuni- DDS (London, Canada)

Dr. Alaa Ali- MD, Pediatrics (Milton, Canada)

Dr. Muhammad Suliman- MD (London, United Kingdom)

Runda Ebied- Registered Occupational Therapist (London, Canada)

Ahmad Abu Romeh- Medical Device Engineer (London, Canada)

Dr. Moemen Metwally- DDS (Laredo, USA)

Dr. Benjamin Thomson- MD, Internal Medicine and Nephrology (London, Canada)

Dr. Arif Ismaili- MD, Gastroenterologist (Kitchener, Canada)

Dr. Natalie Lovesey- MD, CCFP (London, Canada)

Dr. Afzal Mohammed- MD, Paediatrician (London, Canada)

Dr. Aasim Padela- MD (Evanston, USA)

Eaman Attia- Registered Pharmacist (Arlington, USA)

Zan Saleemi- Registered Pharmacist (London, Canada)

Dr. Eman Loubani- MD, Pediatric Emergency Physician (Hamilton, Canada)

Dr. Farhaanah Kadri, FY2 At Queen Elizabeth Hospital (Canada)

Dr Arshima Dost- MBBChir, MBBS (Cambridge, United Kingdom)

Dr. Manaf Ubaidat- MD, Anatomic Pathologist, Cytopathologist  (Stratford, Ontario)

Dr. Issam Loubani- DDS (London, Canada)

Dr. Zafar Hussain- MD, FrCPC; Medical Microbiology (London, Canada)

Dr. Umair Ahmad- MD, Cardiovascular Medicine (Columbus, USA)

Dr. Syed Abbas- MD, Family Medicine (Chicago, USA)

Dr. Basel Bari- MD (Scarborough, Canada)

Dr. Nadia Al-Aasm- DDS (Windsor, Canada)

Karim Ragheb- Registered Pharmacist, R.Ph  (London, Canada)

Dr. Hassan Yaqoob- NHS (Birmingham, United Kingdom)

Dr. Saad Amer- MD, FRCOG, MB, Gynaecology (Derby, United Kingdom)

Dr. Farouk Messahel- Anaesthesia & Intensive Care (Birmingham, UK)

Dr. Ishtiaq Ahmed- MD, CCFP, GP Anesthesia (Toronto, Canada)

Dr. Khurram Khan- MD (Hamilton, Canada)

Dr Sarah Nasir- D.O. Family Medicine (Fresno, USA)

Dr. Yasar Razvi- MD, CCFP (Brampton, Canada)

Dr. Khaled Khorshed- DDS (London, Canada)

Dr. Ali Iqbal- Resident Physician (Hamilton, Canada)

Dr. Farhan Siddiqui- Family and Emergency Medicine (Brampton, Canada)

Dr. Deana Hathout- MD, Emergency Physician (Oakville, Canada)

Dr. Abdul-Wahab Khan- MD (Hamilton, Canada)

Dr. Salikah Iqbal-  MD, MD, Obstetrics & Gynaecology (Toronto, Canada)

Dr. Zahid Sardar- MD, FRCPC,FACP; Internal Medicine (Canada)

Dr Hussain- Foundation Year 1, Good Hope Hospital (England)

Tasneem Kinaci- Occupational Therapist (Markham, Canada)

Dr. Ahmed Mian- MD, Emergency Medicine (Toronto, Canada)

Moness Masri- Ophthalmology Fellow (Mississauga, Canada)

Dr. Hamam Marwa- DDS (London, Canada)

Dr. Amathul Danial- MBBS, DRCOG, LRCP, MRCS, MRCOG (Edmonton, Canada)

Dr Rabia Khan- MD, CCFP (Texas, USA)

Deeqo MohamedPractical Nurse (Toronto, Canada)

Dr. Faisal Raja- MD, FRCP(C) Radiologist (Kitchener, Canada)

Dr. Muhammad Ali Akbar- Neurosurgery (Toronto, Canada)

Dr. Fawad Ahmed- MD (Windsor, Canada)

Dr. Houssein Fergani- MD (Hamilton, Canada)

Dr. Amit Shah- Assistant Professor, Division of Emergency Medicine. CCFP(EM), FCFP (London, Canada)

Dr. Sireen Chaker- DDS (Windsor, Canada)

Dr. Hala Ahmed- MD, Family Physician (Surrey, Canada)

Dr. Siraj Mithoowani- Resident Physician, Internal Medicine (Hamilton, Canada)

Dr. Muhseen Yusuf- MD (Toronto, Canada)

Dr. Fawaz Siddiqi- Neurosurgeon (London, Canada)

Huma Farheen- Sonographer (Woodbridge, Canada)

Dr. Rajesh Behl- Medical Oncology (Berkeley, USA)

Dr. Firas Al-Dhaher- Physician (London, Canada)

Dr. Philip B. Berger- MD, Medical Director, Associate Professor (Toronto, Canada)

Dr. Abir Mokbel- Rheumatologist (Oakville, Canada)

Dr. Javeed Sukhera- Psychiatrist (London, Canada)

Dr. Ahmed Bayoumi- MD FRCPC; Internal Medicine (Toronto, Canada)

Dr. Sameer Shaikh- MD, Emergency Medicine (Milton, Canada)

Dr. Abdel-Rahman Lawendy- MD, Ph.D, FRCSC (London, Canada)

Dr. Mohammed Younas- MBBS BA- Felham (United Kingdom)

Suleiman Furmli- MD Candidate (Toronto, Canada)

Dr. Sofia Khan- Physician (Toronto, Canada)

Hamzah Qureshi- MD Candidate (Toronto, Canada)

Dr. Hassan Masri- MD Critical Care (Kingston, Canada)

Sadaf Rahman- Medical Student (Mississauga, Canada)


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