Free Khaled Al-Qazzaz

Khaled Al-Qazzaz

FREEKQ Campaign Statement: Khaled Al-Qazzaz Reunited with his Family in Canada

Kayria Taghdi

We are pleased to announce that Khaled Al-Qazzaz has arrived home and is now reunited with his wife Sarah Atta and their four children AbdelRahman, Amena, Fatema and Tahrir.

Khaled’s return home was an outcome of the persistence of thousands of Canadians, human rights groups, the Canadian government and the Honourable Minister Dion who played an important role in resolving the ordeal. Egyptian Authorities permitted Khaled to come home to his family on medical and humanitarian grounds.

After three years Khaled and Sarah need time to recover from this ordeal. Khaled is getting the necessary medical care he needs. Khaled and Sarah are focused on rebuilding their lives and re-establishing themselves in the field of education which has been their passion for years since they graduated from University of Toronto.

We would not have been able to get this far if it was not for all the campaign volunteers, supporters, human rights activists, members of parliament, and Canadian officials.

Thank you to everyone who never gave up.