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653 Days – FREEKQ – Khaled and his Canadian family allowed to leave Airport after 7 Hours

Ahmad Attia

653 Days

Khaled and his Canadian family allowed to leave Airport after 7 Hours



Sarah, Khaled and their four children were held by Airport Security Services for over seven hours. At 5:45 am they were granted permission to leave the airport and return to their Cairo house. During the entire period the family’s passports were taken and the family was not allowed to leave the customs area. It was particularly difficult for the children to go through this ordeal. Khaled is in a lot of pain due to his medical condition. 


Khaled’s passport was confiscated by Airport Authorities. Sarah had reported to the officers the amount that she was carrying, which was below the allowed undeclared limit for her and her 4 children. The customs officers confirmed that she had not passed the allowed limit; nevertheless, they chose to confiscate it. During this ordeal no reasons were given as to why they were blocked from travel or for confiscating the money.


The family and their legal team had formally notified all relevant authorities of their travel plans to return home to Canada and Khaled’s medical arrangements ahead of their travel. They received confirmations from legal authorities in Egypt that Khaled is cleared from all accusations, not under investigation and is not banned from travel.  


Khaled’s health condition is deteriorating quickly and he is in need of immediate medical intervention. Admission to a Canadian hospital had been arranged and Khaled was to be admitted immediately on arrival. The family is very troubled and we hope that Egyptian Authorities will cooperate to clear this matter to facilitate a smooth exit from Egypt immediately. We also hope that the funds confiscated from Sarah will be returned to her as it is required for Khaled’s medical treatment and the family’s living expenses.


“I hope that our family’s ordeal does not continue. We only want to go home, get our life back on track, start a journey of healing for our entire family, and resume our passion in education ”, Sarah Attia. 


Recent Health Update


Canadian physicians have been consulted regarding recent MRI reports. Khaled’s imaging report corroborates multiple areas of concern in his cervical and lumbar spine. Khaled is at risk of suffering irreversible damage to his spine, spinal cord and peripheral nerves. Without treatment he is in danger of permanent paralysis.


Khaled’s family has arranged admission to a Canadian hospital immediately upon his arrival.