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652 Days – FREEKQ - Khaled’s Travel Documents Issued and He’s Coming Home for Surgery

Ahmad Attia

April 15, 2015




652 Days 

Khaled’s Travel Documents Issued and He’s Coming Home for Surgery


The family of Khaled Al-Qazzaz, a Mississauga resident, is extremely delighted that he has finally received all necessary identification and travel documents from Canadian and Egyptian authorities. His Canadian wife, Sarah Attia, and four children had traveled to Egypt in February to accompany him and help with his medical condition until he is was cleared to travel for his surgery in Canada.


Based on the most recent assessment of Canadian and Egyptian physicians, Khaled’s health condition is deteriorating quickly and he is in need of immediate medical intervention. Khaled has severe problems with his spine, specifically with 7 discs in his neck and lower back, resulting in very limited mobility, constant pain and decreasing use of his limbs. Physicians have advised that if he does not receive prompt and appropriate medical treatment the symptoms may lead to permanent paralysis. Khaled received a preparatory surgery in a private hospital in Cairo in January and is still recovering from this surgery.


Khaled’s family has made all the necessary arrangements for admission to a hospital in Ontario. Khaled and his family are scheduled to arrive in Toronto on Thursday April 16.


Khaled has received confirmations from legal authorities in Egypt that he is cleared from all accusations, not under investigation and is not banned from travel. The family, and the legal team, has formally notified all relevant authorities with their travel plans and Khaled’s medical arrangements.


“We have patiently waited for Khaled’s travel documents and now we are delighted that he can return home. I am hopeful that the Egyptian and Canadian authorities will continue to assist in our safe return,” says Sarah Attia.


Recent Health Update


Canadian physicians have been consulted regarding recent MRI reports. Khaled’s imaging report corroborates multiple areas of concern in his cervical and lumbar spine. Khaled is at risk of suffering irreversible damage to his spine, spinal cord and peripheral nerves. Without treatment he is in danger of permanent paralysis.


Khaled’s family has arranged admission to a Canadian hospital immediately upon his arrival.