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862 Days – FREEKQ - Elections in Canada and Egypt Represent Hope for Ending #KQFamily Ordeal

Ahmad Attia

November 11, 2015




862 Days

Elections in Canada and Egypt
Represent Hope for Ending #KQFamily Ordeal



This month new parliamentarians have been elected in Canada and Egypt.  Both Parliaments represent change and a step forward for each country. With these political developments, the #KQFamily are hopeful that their ordeal will finally come to an end.


A recent Human Rights Watch report cited Khaled’s ongoing ordeal. Khaled Al-Qazzaz, Sarah Attia, and their children, have found themselves in limbo after being prevented from leaving Egypt by Cairo Airport Authorities, and most recently being informed that a travel ban has been issued by the Prosecutor General.  Lawyers are disputing the travel ban as it has no legal basis, is unconstitutional, and is against international law.  It is hoped that the new Egyptian Parliament will bring a stop to these travel bans immediately and call on the Prosecutor General to reverse this decision.


The #KQFamily struggle is a concern for tens of thousands of Canadians who advocated the previous government through petitions, letters, visits to Members of Parliament, and calls to the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade & Development. An open letter was sent to the former Prime Minister signed by over 100 leading Canadian academics, lawyers, professionals, authors, artists, celebrities, writers, thinkers, activists and Canadian organizations.  Over 15 human rights organizations have issued reports or statements regarding Khaled’s case. It is hoped that this wide support is recognised by the incoming government.


Supporters have high expectations of the Honorable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his new Cabinet to intervene and bring an end to this 28 months long ordeal. The #KQFamily struggle is a humanitarian and non-partisan human rights case.  “We call on the new government to swiftly continue the efforts of the previous government who took concrete steps to resolve this matter,” says Ahmad Attia, Sarah’s brother.


Sarah calls on the Canadian government and Egyptian Authorities to urgently resolve the unfortunate state of affairs facing her and her family as they all yearn to return home to Canada. The family needs to get their lives back and for Khaled to receive the urgent medical attention in Canada.




Sarah and Khaled are unavailable to speak.


Ahmad Attia, Sarah’s brother, may be reached at 647-292-5049 or for interviews or for introductions to campaign supporters.




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