Free Khaled Al-Qazzaz

Urgent Action: 415 Days Free Khaled Needs Your Funds‏‎\

Ridwan Al-Nachawati

August 22, 2014
415 Days

Request for Support

Dear Friends and Supporters of the Free Khaled Campaign,

Khaled is in his 415th day of unlawful detainment! As we spend our days enjoying family and friends, he sits in solitary confinement waiting for every hour to pass, hoping that something will change. 

We need to continue to push forward, attempting every strategy we can to get him released. For this, we request your immediate financial assistance. Please donate generously to our campaign via our Gofundme page at

Our latest project is a U.N. trip for Sarah Attia. 

Your donations will fund:

  • U.N. and other applications
  • Airfare, internal travel, and accommodation
  • Expert consultations

In addition to the UN initiative, donations will support ongoing work:

  • Rally materials
  • Event booking fees
  • Communications (web hosting, newswires, long-distance conferencing)

Khaled worked to make the world a better place, promoting human rights and freedom for all. Let's do the same -- Free Khaled!
Thank you!

Further information can be found at: