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Press Release: Concern Rises as 1 Year Mark Nears

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July 2, 2014


364 Days
Concern Rises as 1 Year Mark Nears.
Canadians Demand a Stronger Response from Government 
and Sarah Speaks to the International Community

In the last week Canadian supporters for Khaled Al-Qazzaz have escalated their concern for the Federal Government’s limited response and intervention in Khaled’s case.  Several hundred supporters gathered in Mississauga, Ontario and rallied for the government to take more action.  A replica of Khaled’s cell was on display to demonstrate the gross human rights violations that Khaled is experiencing.

Also, as of July 1, 2014 9000 supporters right across Canada have mailed post cards to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird calling on them to intervene and call authorities in Egypt to demand Khaled’s release.  Many supporters have called Minister John Baird’s office to inquire as to what action he has taken and request that he meet with Khaled’s Canadian born-wife, Sarah Attia. When interviewed on CBC, Sarah emphasized what she is asking from the Federal Government. "If quiet diplomacy is what they are willing to use to help my husband and Mohamed Fahmy that is fine, but I need to see results," Sarah said. "Whatever Canada has been doing is not enough. Canada needs to do more — quietly, or loud and clear."

On June 30, 2014 Sarah Attia spoke with Christiane Amanpour on CNN. When asked about why Khaled took the risk of publishing a letter in the NYT, Sarah responded “we all reached a point where we said enough is enough - we cannot sit down and do nothing anymore. Khaled has been behind bars in Egypt's worst prisons for almost a year now."

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As Egypt approaches the one-year mark after the July 3rd 2013 military coup, it seems that there is little hope for a democratic Egypt and the freedom of Khaled Al-Qazzaz and thousands like him.

Canadians will gather at Queens Park on July 3, 2014 for a candlelight vigil to stand in solidarity for those detained or killed since the military coup.

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Interview Opportunities: 

Sarah Attia is available for interviews to the July 3rd military coup anniversary.

Call to Action

Postcard Campaign
Supporters of the Free Khaled Al-Qazzaz Campaign are calling on Canadians to mail postcards to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Minister of Foreign Affairs John Baird.

Print and mail your postcard or use our online form and we will send it for you.

July 3rd Vigil
The Egyptian Canadian Coalition for Democracy is organizing a candle vigil at Queens Park on July 3, 2014 at 7:30 pm stand in solidarity for those detained or killed since the military coup.



Khaled Al-Qazzaz, a permanent resident of Canada and father of four young Canadian children, has been unlawfully detained in Egypt for over 364 days. He has been held without charges for nearly one year now. Khaled currently spends his days and nights in solitary confinement in a cramped insect infested cell slightly larger than a broom closet in one of Egypt’s most notorious prisons.

Khaled was a staffer, bureaucrat and civil servant of a democratically elected government and he exercised his rights to freedom of expression and association peacefully.

Toronto-born Sarah Attia, Khaled’s wife, has been calling on the Canadian government for help for two months but little progress has been made.

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