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Press Release: 376 Days - Khaled Al-Qazzaz's Court Appearance Delayed | Health Condition Is Deteriorating Sharply

Ridwan Al-Nachawati

June 13, 2013


376 Days
Khaled Al-Qazzaz’s Court Appearance Delayed
Health Condition Is Deteriorating Sharply

Lawyers of Canadian permanent resident, Khaled Al-Qazzaz, have informed Sarah Attia, his Toronto-born wife, that today’s appeal has been delayed.  A confirmed date has not been provided.

As of July 3, 2014 Khaled’s lawyers and family have been denied access to visit him, a clear violation of Khaled’s basic human rights. Khaled’s family had been providing him access to critical medication and he no longer has access to this medication.

We have learnt from recent information provided to the family that his solitary confinement has caused, and is exacerbating, numerous medical problems. Khaled’s health has deteriorated significantly and a recent medical report is showing his conditions may lead to paralysis and permanent disability if not treated immediately.

“Khaled needs to be moved to a hospital and be given immediate medical attention. He needs surgery or else he may lose motion in his arms and legs.  Human Rights Organizations and the International Committee of the Red Cross need to ensure that he is transferred to a hospital before it’s too late,” says Sarah Attia, Khaled’s Toronto-born wife.

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Interview Opportunities: 

Sarah Attia is available for media interviews to discuss Khaled’s prison conditions and his medical crisis.

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Khaled Al-Qazzaz, a permanent resident of Canada and father of four young Canadian children, has been unlawfully detained in Egypt for over 376days. He has been held without charges for over one year now. Khaled currently spends his days and nights in solitary confinement in a cramped insect infested cell slightly larger than a broom closet in one of Egypt’s most notorious prisons.

Khaled Al-Qazzaz is an acclaimed educator, youth activist, human rights champion and revolutionist. Khaled was a staffer, bureaucrat and civil servant of a democratically elected government and he exercised his rights to freedom of expression and association peacefully.

Toronto-born Sarah Attia, Khaled’s wife, has been calling on the Canadian government for help for over two months but little progress has been made

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