Free Khaled Al-Qazzaz

"My Husband's Been Detained in Egypt 320 Days Without Charge"

Reflections from SarahSarah Attia

Sarah Attia, Khaled Al-Qazzaz's wife, writes a strong and poignant piece on the Huffington Post about her illegally imprisoned husband:

"Khaled has been detained in Egypt without charge for over 320 days. He is being held in the country's most notorious jail - Tora Prison. He is trapped for 23 hours of the day in solitary confinement, spending his time in a two meter by two meter insect-infested cell with blood stains on the walls. His health is quickly deteriorating.

"If in 2011 you asked me how likely it was that Egypt could flourish as a healthy democracy, I would have shown you a picture of my husband and my eldest son, Abdelrahman, now eight, cheering among millions of other protesters in Egpyt's Tahrir Square. I would have told you that I was there too, demanding the resignation of a brutal dictator. When Hosni Mubarak finally stepped down, I would have told you that democracy no longer seemed like a dream - it was an attainable reality and it was at our fingertips.

"I could never have imagined that just two years later I would be living this nightmare."