Free Khaled Al-Qazzaz

Thank you from Khaled

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We received a heart-felt, hand-written note from Khaled today. Please read below:

I feel forever indebted to all my friends: they contributed to my development; they simply helped me be who I am now. More so, for what they are doing now…supporting my cause and standing by my family by words that shall reach all ears; actions that will accumulate one over the other – big or small, to rock the boats that will set me free; by the prayers from the heart that reach God Al-Mighty without barriers and do wonders. 

I will give you examples of how these prayers reach me: on a very hot day like today when one gentle breeze passes by I feel that God has answered one prayer; when we suddenly receive permission to take a 5 minute shower after 50 hours of total lockup in our solitary confinement, I feel that there is another prayer being answered; when my heart aches forcing a few tears out remembering my wife, children and parents and I feel a gentle pat over my heart that comforts me, I feel certain that this is another answered prayer, and so on.

I feel those blessings and send a prayer back to all of you. Please keep the prayers up, as you can see, they are needed heavily. God willing, we will meet soon.

Yours sincerely,