Free Khaled Al-Qazzaz

Today is Abdelrahman's 8th Birthday

Reflections from SarahSarah Attia

We received a note today from Khaled's wife, Sarah:

"Today is Abdelrahman's 8th Birthday. 

Abdelrahman will spend today struggling to understand why his father and grandfather will not be here for his birthday.  Why they will not be with him on his special day to wish him a happy birthday, eat from his cake and take him to buy a gift like every year. 

Abdelrahman will struggle, for another day, to understand why his father has been taken from him for the last 300 days. 

Abdelrahman is among tens of thousands of Egyptian children who have had someone in their family murdered, kidnapped, or arrested.

But, Abdelrahman is not a number.  He is a bubbly little boy who is smart, inquisitive, energetic, and creative.  He is a little boy who loves Egypt and misses his father tremendously."