Free Khaled Al-Qazzaz

"Their support keeps me going..."

Updates on KhaledSarah Attia

Khaled was at the prosecutor's office where his detainment was renewed once again. His wife Sarah wasn't able to see him except from far as he was leaving. But he sent this beautiful and touching hand-written note to her (text below)

"Please tell my friends everywhere that I love all of them and feel proud to know every one of them, every one has engraved something special in my heart and shaped who I am. 

"Tell them that their support keeps me going, their kind words bring smiles to my heart, their supportive actions pushes my case forward and their prayers and supplications reaches me, brings relief to my heart and goes directly to the One who has control over all matters.

"I'm very thankful to Allah for giving me strength and patience to overcome the physical challenges and lighted a special path for self-discovery and self-cleansing, it’s like a process of purifying precious metals. I’m still holding up and want you to keep the call for freedom alive. I look forward to seeing you all very soon. Lots of love, Khaled"