Free Khaled Al-Qazzaz

Update on Khaled's situation

Updates on KhaledSarah Attia

Khaled's wife, Sarah Attia, provides us with the latest on Khaled's situation in prison:

"On my visit to Khaled this week at Tora "Aqrab" Prison, he related to me the recent events that took place last Saturday morning at around 7:00am local time. He told me that prison security personnel raided his cell (and everyone else in his section) and completely removed everything from it, including all his personal belongings, clothing, boiler (his only source of hot water), and nonperishable food items (all that I had sent him). Many of the other political prisoners had their beds and blankets removed as well. His watch and the one pen he had were also taken. The cardboard that he had used to close the openings in the wall that brought in insects and cold air was torn down. Since then, the one hour outdoor time has been cancelled, and access to newspapers has been denied. And the one hot meal that we were providing him daily for the last few weeks has been cancelled and we have been told we can only bring it in once a week from now on. He has been given one prison uniform and the weekly visitations have been cut down to half the time. He has no idea what instigated this crack down that is another step of the continued injustice that he has been subjected to for the last 7 months. In spite of the conditions of his detainment, Khaled is in good spirit, and asks for your prayers for him, for all wrongfully detained people, and for Egypt."