Free Khaled Al-Qazzaz

Khaled's reflections during the Jan 2011 revolution

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Khaled went out daily to Tahrir square during the protests of 2011 in Egypt against Hosni Mubarak. He shared his thoughts and experiences with his friends on facebook. 

Khaled wrote this post on January 9, 2011:

"We will not go anywhere until all Egyptian segments, groups, etc., have the same principled position towards injustice/violence. In the same voice we should condemn violence as in Alexandria, Nag' Hammadi, Luxur and Sinai, we should also condemn torture in our police stations and amn el dawla and cry out loud for Khaled Said, ElSayed Belal and many others whom we know and don't know. We should all condemn violence used against bedouins in Sinai, Palestinians in Arish and in investigations in upper Egypt.

We should not accept having thousands of political prisoners of Ikhwan, 6th of April, internet bloggers and many others.

We should have a common stand against all forces against freedom of expression by silencing religious satellite channels and banning writers like Fahmy Howaidy and TV shows for Amr Adeeb, and even Alaa Sadek.

We should all fight corruption and cheating in all forms.

It will not work if every group fights for their own interest, we should have a unified stance against the common evil that is common for all people and not only the evil done against my group."