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Message from Khaled

Updates on KhaledSarah Attia

Last week, Sarah tried to visit Khaled but was unable to meet with him. Instead, she received a note from her dear husband. Sarah shares the story with us:

"Dear Friends,

Today is Day 234 of Khaled’s unjust detainment.

I was not able to visit Khaled this week. Visitations at Al-Aqrab, Tora Prison, remain closed, and the many human rights violations that the prisoners are experiencing continue. Khaled was brought to the prosecutor's office last Sunday February 16. The kids and I waited for hours outside in the hopes that we would see him for a few minutes. Unfortunately, we were not permitted to enter. Khaled's illegal detainment was renewed for another 15 days. 

The good news is that Khaled met his father by chance that day for the first time in months, since his father was also at the prosecutor's office at that time. Khaled sent a note to me on a torn piece of cardboard where he reassured us that he was fine. It reads:

“Today is a blessing from God, I got to see my father. Please try to pay charity (sadaqa) to those near you and encourage my friends to do the same; it might be my key to relief. I started to feel the blessings of God with everything that is around me and everything that is happening. I feel that God is taking care of us and this is what comforts me; His Mercy is enough...”

When we finally decided to leave, Fatema kept asking why we were not allowed to see her dad. And yet again, I was at a loss of words to explain to a 4 year old the evils of injustice."

Sarah also shared with us a picture of Khaled taken in December 2013 on another similar trip to the prosecutor's office. It was the first time his family saw him there.