Free Khaled Al-Qazzaz

Sarah visits Khaled in prison

Updates on KhaledSarah Attia

Khaled's wife was able to visit him in prison recently and sends us this update:

"Alhamdullilah I visited Khaled a few days ago. I was very worried about him and the others at Alaqrab as we knew nothing about them for the last two weeks, except that the conditions were very bad. Although Khaled looked exhausted and had dark circles around his eyes, he tried to reassure us that he is well. The conditions are still very difficult, as he spends 23 hours of his day in lock-down in his tomb like cell, it is very cold, and food is minimal. Nonetheless, he is in good spirit and remains hopeful. I ask again for your prayers as Khaled will be at the prosecutor's office this Sunday, Feb. 16th for continued “investigations” on the baseless accusations." 

Amnesty International also sent out an Urgent Action call yesterday (February 14), noting that Khaled has not been charged with any criminal offence though his detention has exceeded seven months now. Please respond to Amnesty's call and write to the listed officials calling for Khaled's immediate and unconditional release.