Free Khaled Al-Qazzaz

Pay it forward for Khaled

Campaign News, Reflections from SarahSarah Attia

Sarah Attia is back at the University of Toronto, where her story with Khaled Al-Qazzaz began. They first met on campus while studying for their masters. 10 years after their marriage and 4 kids later, she’s back at U of T – but for a very different reason.

Khaled has been #Gone500Days, held without charge. Khaled is a human rights activist, a social reformer, and an inspirational educator.

Because Khaled has been imprisoned for the last 500 days, he has not been able to give charity, spread his positive message of hope, or give Sarah and her family the love they deserve.

In the spirit of all the positive and charitable acts Khaled constantly did for our family and those around him, we have come together to pay forward Khaled’s kindness, generosity and dedication with random acts of kindness and generosity. 

It’s our hope that all of those touched by Khaled’s story, or those on the receiving end of the pay-it-forward initiatives will pay this small kindness forward to someone else in celebration of Khaled’s legacy. 

We ask that anyone who has been touched by Khaled’s kindness or by his story, to pay it forward on his behalf. Do something kind or generous for your neighbour, a local charity, or even a stranger. Then tell us about it by posting on social media using our hashtags: #Gone500Days #PayitForward4KQ

If you want to organize a pay it forward initiative in your neighbourhood, at your school or within your community, send us a message and we’ll help you set it up!